From tree to bowl - how our coconut wood bowls are made

coconut wood coconut wood bowl handmade in Sri Lanka Sri Lankan coconut wood

May 24, 2020 - The coconut palm tree grows prolifically in tropical regions, and can be seen all over Sri Lanka. They are a source of many riches.

The fruits of the coconut tree are well known for their refreshing coconut water and coconut flesh, which is used extensively in Sri Lankan cooking. The fibrous husks of the coconuts are used for making mats and scourers, while the leaf fronds are used to thatch roofs and make baskets.

The coconut shell can be sanded and polished to make bowls and jewellery (see our coconut shell section), while the wood of the tree trunk is ideal for homewares such as bowls, plates, and other items (see our coconut wood section).

Fallen trees are brought to this family business in the hills of central Sri Lanka, where they are cut in preparation for turning. The small block in the centre of the second photo above shows the beautiful grain of the wood.

Each bowl is then expertly shaped on a lathe.

Then, a wax-based preservative stain is applied and the products left to dry in the sun. Finally, each bowl gets a layer of an eco-friendly water-based polish, which gives the bowls a soft sheen. They are now food-safe and ready to be used!