Newspaper bowls, mats, frames & ornaments

Here is a unique take on paper recycling. Each bowl or mat is made from strips of plain or coloured rolled up newspaper wound around a mould in a spiral. Glue is used to hold it in shape. Once dried, it hardens to produce lovely, surprisingly sturdy bowls, table mats or coasters. The large bowls make great fruit and bread roll baskets (we suggest lining with a paper napkin to keep it clean) while the smaller bowls are ideal for all those bits and pieces that accumulate on dressing tables, desks and so on. Not suitable for anything liquid, of course! The mats make striking, colourful centrepieces to the dining table for warm serving dishes or as bases for plant pots. The round ornaments make great, eco-friendly Christmas tree decorations. These products are handmade by skilled women in Sri Lanka, working from home or in the workshop.

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